Best bum enhancing scrunch style black squat proof leggings uk


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Best bum enhancing scrunch style black squat proof leggings uk

Now you can show off your progress in your Floripawear’s bum enhancing bottoms that provide added functionality in the gym and gives you an that extra figure accentuating form that makes your look and feel fantastic after all your training.


We’ve all been there – you’re sweating it out, mid-gym sesh when all of a sudden you catch sight of your booty in the middle of a deep squat in the mirror behind you. Instead of being amazed by how good your derriere is looking right now, you’re distracted by that overwhelmingly in-your-face VPS.

Or maybe it’s your inner lurking builder’s bum that’s crept its way into your gym wardrobe. Finding a pair of good and affordable squat proof gym bottoms for that peachee gym look isn’t easy.

Featuring a booty scrunch back for that extra give, these figure enhancing affordable squat proof leggings create an awesome look to show off all your progress.

♥ Booty scrunch to enhance your curves
♥ Affordable gym leggings UK designed
♥ Best black squat proof leggings uk for intense training


If you don’t care what you look like when you work out then good for you! We’re proud of you!

Getting up the will power to go down to the gym can be hard enough, let alone having to figure out or worry what you gym clothing

So balancing out the need for practicality with style can be tough.

The answer to all this in terms of gym leggings or even yoga pants is quite simple, It’s our black squat proof leggings uk collection

Depending on your own personal style and body shape, here are is a very few simple list of do’s and don’ts to buying the ideal pair of squat proof leggings for you:


· Look for squat proof leggings that offer unrestrictive movement while also being supportive

· Avoid flat elastic waistbands that may rub during movement

· Look for flexibility


· Wear any supposed squat gym leggings made out of a thin material

· Wear too high a waistband as this can restrict movement, although there are some designs that can cope

· Wear leggings with a very low waistband as these are likely to ride down and/or show underwear

Squat Proof Leggings are a great both for functionality, avoiding gym based wardrobe malfunctions and looking good down the gym.

Why haven’t you got a pair yet! 🙂

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black squat proof leggings uk

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  • Our black squat proof leggings uk collection no longer come with the side logo
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