Floripawear Burgundy red high waisted gym leggings UK collection


Women’s red high waisted gym leggings uk collection

High waisted gym leggings - @bianca.ewald

Welcome to Floripawear’s Women’s red high waisted gym leggings uk collection including burgundy red, grey, black and blue gym leggings with a high waist cut for ultimate comfort and enhancing body form



Floripawear Burgundy red high waisted gym leggings UK collection

A perfect addition to your bottoms collection to help you look amazing during your next work out with added scrunch proof booty style

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When it comes to our favourite workout gym wear we find the best pairs are opaque to keep from showing the entire gym your star wars themed undies while you squat and all because they last through tons of washes and gym sessions and compress your curves without restricting to give you a highly complimentary body from. Not only are high waisted bottoms perfect for your workouts like barre, yoga, and spinning classes you can rock them—dare we say—going out. The point is these bottoms are a wardrobe essential that’s here to stay, so if you haven’t already stocked up, now’s the time and Floripawear is hear, ahemm, to help.

Below, we’ve curated the 10 best pairs of high-waisted workout leggings on the market from the buzziest activewear brands like Outdoor Voices, Girlfriend Collective, Athleta, and more. Whether you want basic black or a punchy print, the algorithm-approved picks that follow definitely won’t disappoint. 

high-waisted gym leggings always come in first place and are essential gym clothing for many women for many reasons as they’re flattering, support your abs while you workout and they don’t dig in around your middle.


Both form-flattering and supportive, our women’s gym leggings provide the ultimate comfort for high intensity workouts. Our sports leggings boast a high-waisted fit, allowing you to dominate your workout with unbeatable ease of movement. Available in a wide variety of striking colours to suit any taste, our gym leggings pair up perfectly with a sports bra and gym top, leaving you ready to perform at a superior level. Having a well-earned rest day? They’re great for those too.

How to shop for the best quality, high waisted gym leggings:

Other than having moisture-wicking fabric that limits sweat and absorbs odour, workout gym leggings uk should also enhance and help your body move freely and easily (i.e. doing burpees and jump squats without any slippage). And of course, you want to make sure that they’re comfortable and fit you well with that bum enhancing body form to show case your gym gains.

How to keep your high-waisted leggings from falling down:

This is a common problem for most people, and that’s because high-waisted leggings are made to sit above the navel. But we’ve thought of that and Floripawear gym leggings have been designed for you can also fold the top part down, which will double up on the elastic around your hips and help keep everything super snug. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to go down a size, of course.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of compression tights to wear during recovery days or want something with reflective materials to stay safe during evening runs, we have your perfect match just ahead. That’s why Floripawear’s high waisted gym leggings high-quality fabric and pretty colour options are some of the best out there as they also act as squat proof leggings so they really are the perfect workout wardrobe essentail

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