We just made the best womens ethical underwear for your next gym workout

We just made the best women’s ethical underwear for your next gym workout

Floripawear Batch 3 sustainable eco friendly workout Ethical Underwear for women
Floripawear Batch 3 sustainable eco friendly workout bralette and briefs for women @suhmarcelino


We’ve been working hard here at Floripawear over the past year to create and optimise the best sports and workout undies a women can wear in the gym, during a workout or for sports training.

Firstly we wanted to make them ethically. Sustainable fashion is growing and we aren’t a fully sustainable fashion brand but we’ve been moving in the right direction and making the best pair of gym undies out of a sustainable and eco friendly fabric was essential to our approach

So we choose Micro Modal

Modal is a rayon made out of Beechwood sustainably grown in central Europe and then pulped to create a rayon which is then spun to create a majestic super silky eco friendly fabric which feels far softer than cotton and has outstanding water absorption properties making it ideal for ethical underwear.

Sustainable ethical Lingerie Sports Underwear Tay sitting
Sustainable lingerie bralette and thong in Atlantico Blue


And then we made in London

At first we did think to outsource production to China or other low cost manufacturing country but then we decided it would be far better to prototype and then rapidly evolve through iterations in the UK where we could have full oversight and try out new designs at will so we started to cut our first sets of ethical underwear last year with our studio design partner in East London.

Feedback from friends ambassadors and supporters

When we designed our first sets we sent them out to friends and our most valued floripawear ambassadors for feedback and photography. We dearly like to thank Suh Marcelino, Tay, Ali Drew, Maria Gardner for helping us out immensely and giving great input which led to us improving the design and in particular designing a higher cut waist band.

We then spent the next few months optimising the waistband cut and improving the quality and feel of the bra strap and the actual waist band itself in the end investing heavily in this area by sourcing and using a super fine elastane for the waist band which feels so much better than any other sports bralettes, briefs or sports thongs out there.

Ali wearing our new sustainable ethical underwear
Ali wearing our new sustainable bralette and sports thongs in sky blue


Introducing Batch 3…

And then after a year of trial and error, feedback, fabric and cut improvements we finally produced Batch 3, the final design we’re totally happy with. In fact we are over the moon. We believe in the sports underwear category also called Triangle style or “Calvins” we’ve designed and produced the best sports style ethical underwear out there. And not only that, we make them out of sustainable eco friendly modal fabric that feels and performed far better than cotton. And we did all this in small batches, in London.

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